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Shoulder Brace (60% OFF SALE ENDS TODAY!)

Shoulder Brace (60% OFF SALE ENDS TODAY!)

Shoulder Brace (60% OFF SALE ENDS TODAY!)

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Are you suffering from a sprain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injury, shoulder dislocations, or even a frozen shoulder? All you need is stronger, more reliable stability and support to your shoulders.

Shoulder Brace is the ideal solution to help give your shoulder extra support during the healing process. It offers the correct balance, stability, and compression that your shoulder needs. This helps to increase blood flow and circulation while restricting unwanted movement. Thereby, preventing re-injury and promoting speedy recovery.

The Shoulder brace provides stability compression and ease of pain from injuries including sprain, Shoulder dislocation, Rotator cuff tears, Frozen shoulder and more

Features and benefits:

Comfortable Design: Designed to ease pains so you can maintain or return to a healthy level of activity this brace is made from breathable neoprene comfortable to wear even under the clothes.

Hot or cold pack therapy: It also features second pocket support for extra compression and a compartment for an ice or heat pack.

Washable: It Is lightweight washable and comfortable to wear under or over your clothes.

Universal Sizing: Fits men and women from extra small to extra extra large on either the left or right shoulder. With adjustable and strong Velcro straps you are assured of a secured fitment on either your left or right shoulder.

Ergonomically designed:  Also, triple stitched and ergonomically designed to ensure durability and comfort for both men and women you can even wear it while sleeping.

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