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Comfy 2in1 Children's Diaper Skirt | Shorts

Comfy 2in1 Children's Diaper Skirt | Shorts

Comfy 2in1 Children's Diaper Skirt | Shorts

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Here’s The Most Essential Accessory For All New Moms And Dads 👫

Do you want to keep your toddler clean and comfy wherever you go? Are you tired of washing the sheets and replacing them quite often?

Here’s a permanent solution: Comfy children's diaper skirt - A convenient and high-quality changing pad.

Comfy children's diaper skirt allows you to keep your baby dry, comfy and sleeping throughout the night and a great choice for even the most sensitive skin types, our baby diaper boosters are highly absorbent and help maintain the good conditions.

Here’s why you need to get this:

Soft and Breathable: These diaper trousers are soft and breathable against your baby’s young and delicate skin. Our advanced diaper booster construction features a fluff-based material, that feels like velvet on the skin and captures moisture before it escapes the diaper.

Waterproof and Absorbent: TPU waterproof layer makes these training pants waterproof and helps to hold a lot of liquid. They are perfect to use in the process of the diaper would move around the leg area leading to multiple accidents each night.

EASY TO CLEAN: The durable quilted double layer vinyl is 100% waterproof, and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth to keep your changing area germ-free.

Material: Outer layer-cotton; Middle layer-100% TPU Waterproof fabric; Inner layer- 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane Nighttime Anti-Bedwetting Training Skirt which does not interfere with baby movements.

Double Wide Elastic Band: Double Wide Elastic Band gives more comfort to your baby's belly, comfortable and stretchy.

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